Allie Stoehr

The Five People I’m Unfriending Online

By Allie Stoehr

We've all seen (or maybe posted) the yearly "friend clean-up" status on Facebook.

Ok, I'm going through my friends list and deleting anyone I haven't talked to in the last six months.

When I entered into the adult life that is called a career, I began to try to organize certain aspects of my life I thought needed some attention. I looked at my closet and got rid of (most of) my graphic tees. I stood in tears at the foot of my bed and decided to replace my purple sheets with some expensive linen, (which really didn’t make much of a difference considering I still sleep with an E.T. stuffed animal.) The plastic plates in my cupboard turned to glass and I slowly became part of the working class. But upon reflection of what else I needed to “upgrade”, I felt like social media was an off-limits place I was afraid to touch. 

How I Stopped Going Out on Thirsty Thursday

By Allie Stoehr

2:46 am. I lay my head down next to a half-empty glass of water I told myself to chug before falling asleep. The room is spinning, but I’m home. I made it. I have to be up in… the math is too much. I close my eyes, and hope to God that I remembered to set my alarm.

7:35 am. “American Woman” by Lenny Kravitz blasts me out of my dreams and into reality. The snooze button is both my best friend and worst enemy as I am forced to leap out of a half-conscious fog and head into Friday’s workday. I live about ten minutes from work and  start at 8 am, which means I’m already late (unless I decide not to wear clothes or makeup today.)