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How I Learned to Swipe Left on Online Dating

I moved back to Nashville over four years ago and the vast majority of the time since, I have been single. The first couple of years I wholeheartedly embraced this. I had spent the bulk of my college years in a long term relationship and to be honest, I wanted to embrace my singledom.

And I did. I took the time to focus on myself and to strengthen the bonds with my family and my childhood friends.

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The Art of Being the Third Wheel (in the South)

There are many cultural characteristics that separate The South from the rest of the United States. Some are of a more generic variety and seem to be almost innate. For instance y’all is part of the regular vernacular, we deep fry more than we should, churches take the place of Walgreens on every street corner and saying, "yes Mam" or "yes Sir” is one of the first lessons learned. There is one aspect of southern culture that I was not so privy to until I began stumbling through my twenties, and that is everyone gets married. And they get married young.

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How to Thrive on a $25 Weekly Grocery Budget

One of the common struggles of being a twenty something and learning to navigate adulthood is learning how to (and in many cases, how not to) manage money. For myself, much of that “money management” has entailed learning how to best stretch what little money I have. I feel that this is a common dilemma among the twenty something demographic. Because let’s face it, whether you’re specifically gifted at managing your finances or you’re more like me and tend to become overly generous when you go out for a night on the town, most of us are just starting out.

Fantasy Football: How to Draw the Line Between Obsession and Normalcy

by Christian Lerchenfeld

As summer draws to a close and days get shorter and the nights get cooler, there is one thing that wards off the depression that often begins with the waning grilling season: the onset of football season.

Sunday barbeques are replaced with tailgates and hot dogs and burgers with big pots of chili. Jerseys and hats fill the void left by still damp swim trunks and howls at the summer moon are compensated by the screaming at referees

How to Survive Living With Roommates After College

Since graduating high school and leaving my childhood home, I have always lived with roommates. In college it was one, after graduation it became two, and just recently I moved in with three. Like most others who live with roommates, I share a living space due to financial necessity. Splitting rent obviously makes the expense of shelter and utilities more affordable. 

But despite this large stipulation, even if I had the financial means to live on my own, I don’t know that I’d care to. 

How to Make a Great First Impression on a Girl and Very Quickly Ruin it

by Christian Lerchenfeld

There are many life lessons that we all learn as we grow and mature. Many of these are learned and experienced at different points in time and under varying circumstances depending on the individual. I have been fortunate in my life be the student of many such lessons, often at the hands of personal mentors and close friends. However, often times the greatest lessons we learn come from the results of our own personal decisions, both poor and positive. One of the more challenging of these lessons is learning how to quit while you’re ahead.

27, Single, and Totally OK With It: Accepting My Late 20’s Life

By Christian Lerchenfeld

By the time this article posts I will have had my 27th birthday, thus punching another notch in the belt that is my 20’s. I will have moved yet another inch forward in the decade of my life that is supposed to be one of the most pivotal. This is a thought that is somewhat daunting. I never experienced this “quarter life crisis” that I have heard many of my friends speak ofI mean they are just years, right? Perhaps it’s because that despite that my life over the first three quarters of my twenties has played out very differently than expected, I have always been very content. I love my life! However, I do think it is natural for one to use their date of birth as a natural benchmark.

How Not To Handle a Severe Plumbing Issue

by Christian Lerchenfeld

A couple of years ago I shared a three-bedroom house in West Nashville with two close friends. It wasn’t a palace by any means, but it served as a very comfortable home for the two years that we resided there. One of the small negatives of this humble abode was that it had only one small bathroom. Seeing that my two roommates and I were all of the male gender and we all kept different schedules this small fact never posed much of an issue. That is until the week before our first Christmas in that house. 

How I Came to Realize the Benefit of Not Eating Like a Child… All the Time

By Christian Lerchenfeld

I don’t think that I am alone when I say that I treated my body like a garbage can while in my late teens and early twenties. In high school, thanks to my mother taking time out of her busy schedule to ensure her spawn was well nourished, I at least consumed a few well-balanced meals each week. But upon leaving home, bound for the land of higher education and fueled by the independence of making my own life choices, I of course did what most blossoming adults do and chose a lot of the fun ones. When applied to food, these choices didn’t always turn out to be the best, or the healthiest. I think it’s safe to say that my regular diet at this time in my life featured the words “drive-thru” and “fried,” far too consistently.