Corey Coleman

An Unexpected Career: What I Learned from Jail

After working at the call center for about six months, I knew that I needed to make a change. Around this time, a friend informed me that a local law enforcement agency was hiring individuals to serve as School Resource Officers. Now, the chain of events that led to these positions being created isn’t a good one, this was 2013 after all (see: Sandyhook), but I had found something that I could be passionate about. I began the interview process only to be told that I wasn’t interviewing for these positions, but for a job in the jail. I was also informed, however, that everyone started there and eventually moved on after a period of time once they had experience. Despite this setback, the prospect of a job with plentiful opportunity for advancement was too enticing to pass up and I pressed on. 

How to Lose a Job in 10 Days

By Corey Coleman

This story starts the same as countless others: A fresh-faced young man graduates college with boundless optimism and brimming confidence that he will immediately land his dream job only to be met with the harsh realities of the real world job market. Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to it.