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How to Experience Life on Your Own

Social lives are, in general, difficult. I found that, after college, social lives turn on hard mode. For all of my life, until this point, I had had people around who I liked to be around with and did not have to stick around people I did not like. It was a glorious time when friendships practically fell into my lap. You had to work to be a loner in school.

After college, not so much. You no longer have those assumed connections, and at work, the social dynamics are different.

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Beyond the Bar: How to Contra Dance

By Devin White

As a 20-something, it is often hard to find new ways to meet people and hang out that are not at bars. I mean, bars are pretty cool, but that is not everyone’s cup of tea and, honestly, not usually mine.

I mean, even if you like bars, they can get tiring. Going out drinking can take it out of you, especially when you have that one night when you get way too drunk and decide to swear off bars for a while because man you messed up.

How to Meet People (By Yourself)

By Devin White

I am convinced that more than finding a job, more than growing older, and more than dealing with the existential crises of life, finding friends is the toughest challenge post-graduate adults face. I think that is because, for so many of us, we had it easy for so long.

Sure, dealing with social relationships in school was always a bit of a mess, but it is not until you lose those social structures and have to make friends outside of school that you really understand how difficult it is.

How to Start Doing Standup Comedy

By Devin White

Standing up is hard. It is no wonder that it is one of our first and most celebrated accomplishments as human beings.You are defying gravity literally every second you do it and daring the universe to challenge your authority.

So I find it understandable that this phrase is attached to one of the other most difficult things to do: make strangers laugh. Speaking in public is one of the most common phobias people have, and adding to that the expectation of being entertaining by yourself makes the experience all the more intimidating.

How to Find Roommates Who Won’t Kill You

By Devin White

So here was the situation: I have a home. I have a roommate. I will soon not have a roommate. I want to still have the home.

My roommate, let’s call him Sarah (because I find calling him Sarah amusing), explained the situation shortly after I got my stuff there. The situation was a bit complicated, so I will simplify it. I moved in near the end of the lease, two months before it expired to take over for a previous tenant. Sarah decided not to renew the lease and instead move out to the great city of New York.

Death by Dryer: How I learned to Ask my Parents for Help

by Devin White

There are few simple household appliances as terrifying as a dryer. If you plug in a toaster wrong or set your refrigerator on the wrong setting, it does not work properly. If you screw up a dryer, you could literally set your house on fire.

Which is why I was so nervous the first time I set up a dryer. I was never invited to the setting up of dryers before. Doing so was not as simple as plugging in the red cord into the red slot, as I had done hundreds of times before with different electronics.

How I Braved Through the Realty Trenches and Found a Place to Live: Part 1

By Devin White

There are a few challenges that are nearly universal in life. Often these challenges can be incredibly simple, like learning to ride a bike, or they can be incredibly complicated and disheartening, like beating the Water Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.*

When we overcome these challenges, it can often feel like we enter into a new level of life. When we find others who went through it, we treat each other like veterans from wars. “Brother, I understand your pain storming the beaches of all-nighters for that project you really should have started a good three weeks before. I went through the same troubles back during the year of ’07.”

How Devin Started Online Dating

By Devin White

I am sitting at a coffee shop in downtown Nashville. I have let this girl know that I am there and am looking out for her. The plan was to meet up, have some coffee, and then go to watch a movie. Nothing too fancy for a first date, but I also did not know her incredibly well and wanted to feel things out.

At this point I want to mention that What We Do in the Shadows is a hilarious mockumentary that goes places movies do not normally go while still being approachable. It is a great date movie, and I know this because my date did not even show up and I still had a good time.