Jeana Medlin

The Truth About My (and Maybe Your) Quarter Life Crisis

I used to think that this whole “quarter-life crisis” phenomenon was a myth. In the least, I thought it was something for those twenty-somethings who didn’t have their lives together. It definitely wasn’t something I thought would hit me, the person who continually made jokes about how, as a 24 year old who already has tattoos, a nose ring, and a flair for being the black sheep, I didn’t have any crises left to experience. I learned early on, though, that crisis reveals itself in unique ways to each person.

My Nightmare Vacation and How to Avoid My Mistakes

By Jeana Medlin

A four-night stay at an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic sounds like a dreamy way to spend the week before you start your new job, right?

That’s what my friend and I thought. The trip was dreamy, but it ended up a nightmare, and I can’t tell you one thing about the Dominican because we never actually made it. You must be wondering what could possibly have gone down to make our trip such a disaster. The answer is that everything that could have possibly went wrong...did.