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Announcement: We’re Taking a Holiday Break

Happy Holidays Everyone! 

First off I'd like to thank each of you for taking the time to read our stories over the past 7 months. We've been genuinely overwhelmed by the amount of people who have read and contributed to our little website. 

However, it's time for us to recharge our batteries and focus our efforts on what's coming next. 

20 Something inspiration

How to Start a Side Hustle in Your Twenties

If you don’t frequent the sort of blogs I do, you may not have heard of this new trend sweeping the nation called, “the side hustle.” If you didn’t already know, a side hustle is a sort of business pursuit that you do on the side of your normal job. It’s a way to earn extra cash or pursue a passion that your normal job may not allow you to. Best case scenario is you do both these things. 

coffee, morning person

How to Become a Morning Person

One of my favorite phrases to hear is, “I would love to get up early but I’m just such a night owl I don’t think I could do it,” because it implies that getting up early is some sort of genetic predisposition and those people enjoy staggering through their apartment fumbling for coffee and a granola bar at 5:30 AM. When, in my reality, staying up late is a very fun, very appealing way to spend nights and getting up early is a very real sacrifice made to accomplish goals or better myself.

20 something inspiration

Overcoming High School Insecurities in Your Twenties

While on a recent trip to Disneyworld, I was confronted by the very strange reality that I am no longer the person I was at 18. Sure, It’s obvious by my hairline  that I in no way resemble a high schooler, but I’m not referring to my physical appearance or even really my personality. What I am referring to are the subtle insecurities that I have wrestled with for the past 10(ish) years.

How to Say Goodbye to Your First Car and Buy a Grown Up One

By Jordan P White

Her name was Jenny. She was a fire truck red, 1997 Jeep Cherokee complete with a powerful 4 liter engine, a tall boxy frame, multiple broken windows, a dented fender, a self destruct button (not a joke), and all the best memories of my childhood. She was the absolute best car I could have ever hoped for and last year I had to trade her in.

If you’re like me, your first car is a part of you. Like an over worn favorite shirt, people know you by it. I was the red Jeep guy.

How to Start Investing in your Twenties

by Jordan P. White

As a young(ish) person (26 doesn’t feel that young to be honest), the terms “retirement” and “401k” are about as relatable as a Ke$ha music video--maybe less. Which is a shame because I've learned the actual reason youngish professionals should start investing is less about retiring and more about learning to use money as a tool. 

How to Become a Total Budgeting Nerd

by Jordan P White

Throughout the entirety of my upbringing I’ve looked at money and asked a very single, pointed question: how much is in my bank account right now? If I had enough to buy whatever thing I was looking at, then I bought it. If I didn't have enough–and most times I didn't–I didn’t buy it. 

In high school and college, I felt like the outsider for struggling with spending money and also with understanding how much of it I needed and how much of it I actually had. For a guy who’s been working since he was 12, I really had no concept of saving or any sort of financial planning.