Katie Rinaudo

How to Write (and give) a Meaningful Eulogy

There are already lots of posts on the internet about how to write a eulogy step-by-step. I know, because I read them all the night before my grandfather’s funeral. 

My grandfather, a WWII and Korean War veteran and an incredible man, passed away of stomach cancer at 89 years old on Father’s Day this year. In the months prior to his passing, I was able to travel to Rochester and live with him and care for him as his health declined. 

Why You Should Prioritize Your Grandparents in your Twenties

“When I was your age, my grandfather was in the hospital and my grandmother called me. She said he wanted to see me. But I was young and selfish and stubborn, and I only went a couple of times. I could’ve gone every weekend.” My boss paused and took a breath. It was the last week of February, and I was sitting in his office, torn between staying and resigning. “I barely got to say goodbye to him before he died.”

How to Learn a Language Through Immersion (aka, How to Learn Humility)

So I did something really brave this year (or dumb, depending on how you look at it): I moved to a foreign country, by myself, without knowing the language. 

While many of my friends were heading to graduate school, getting their first office jobs, planning their weddings, and announcing their pregnancies, I was graduated, single, and itching to get away from the American Dream.