Rachel Bertone

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How to Relax: 4 Ways to Relieve Stress

I learned early on to accept stress as a part of life. Whether I was in high school, studying for the ACT, in college, trying to balance my newfound, independent social life with actually earning my degree, or now in post-grad life, struggling with adjusting to adulthood, stress never goes away. It ebbs and flows in different forms. But what I’ve found is that no matter how much stress I’m dealing with, the real question is how do I handle it?

How I Learned Not to Text the Wrong Person

By Rachel Bertone

There’s no denying it – technology has become an extremely important part of our daily lives. From checking the weather forecast and traffic report before I leave for work in the morning, to sending pictures of potential clothes to my sister before I buy them (you know, just to make sure they look good…). I honestly wonder how we survived before. How did I live without knowing exactly how many steps I’ve taken in a day? What did I do with myself in a waiting room before I had the New York Times crossword app?! We’ve learned to expect instant gratification, and modern technology continues to deliver.

How to Make Friends as an Adult

Though I was born just outside of Pittsburgh, I consider myself a Franklin native. My family moved to the city just south of Nashville when I was in third grade, and I vividly remember being introduced to two other recent transplants when I went to meet my teacher, Mrs. Williams. Quickly and easily, they became my first friends. 

It wasn’t until much later, after packing my bags and heading off to my first post-college adventure – a year in Birmingham – that I realized how much I wished life was as easy as third grade.