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How to Start a Side Hustle in Your Twenties

If you don’t frequent the sort of blogs I do, you may not have heard of this new trend sweeping the nation called, “the side hustle.” If you didn’t already know, a side hustle is a sort of business pursuit that you do on the side of your normal job. It’s a way to earn extra cash or pursue a passion that your normal job may not allow you to. Best case scenario is you do both these things. 

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How to Become a Morning Person

One of my favorite phrases to hear is, “I would love to get up early but I’m just such a night owl I don’t think I could do it,” because it implies that getting up early is some sort of genetic predisposition and those people enjoy staggering through their apartment fumbling for coffee and a granola bar at 5:30 AM. When, in my reality, staying up late is a very fun, very appealing way to spend nights and getting up early is a very real sacrifice made to accomplish goals or better myself.

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New Perspective: I Am Actually Going to Survive the Job Hunt

I don’t know if many people can say this, but the day I lost my job was the best day of my life. Although I was happy to have a job and an income, that was about the extent of my happiness. It was really sad to think I wasn’t enjoying the majority of the hours in my week because they were being spent at a job I hated.

As I was leaving work that day, which was less of leaving and more of being forced out the door, I immediately picked up the phone and called the camp director of the summer camp I had worked for since I was 16. I left her a voicemail filled with tears and desperation, telling her I needed a place to go for the summer. She called me back immediately and said, “Can you be here tomorrow?” And I was there. 

How I Job Hunted the Wrong Way

I graduated from college with a Bachelors degree in Communication. My university’s Communication program was nothing to boast about–there were just enough classes offered that you could complete the amount of academic hours required for a college major, but not much was offered beyond that. At my school, “Communication” was just the quickest way to say “Print, Audio, and Visual Journalism with Some Public Relations Influence." Most of my classes within my major were about similar subjects, and professors would sometimes cover the same topic that I’d learned in a previous class. No subject was covered so consistently and comprehensively though as the subject of how much money we should expect once we had graduated.

How to Start Investing in your Twenties

by Jordan P. White

As a young(ish) person (26 doesn’t feel that young to be honest), the terms “retirement” and “401k” are about as relatable as a Ke$ha music video--maybe less. Which is a shame because I've learned the actual reason youngish professionals should start investing is less about retiring and more about learning to use money as a tool. 

How to Lose a Job in 10 Days

By Corey Coleman

This story starts the same as countless others: A fresh-faced young man graduates college with boundless optimism and brimming confidence that he will immediately land his dream job only to be met with the harsh realities of the real world job market. Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to it. 

How to Not be an Open Macbook: Balancing My Digital Life

By Sarah Daniel

I find my 20-something experience is very different than the one my parents lived through. Although we are living in the same world, I often feel like older generations don’t really understand my world at all. ‘That world’ being the “World Wide Web” (it’s funny because those older generations are probably the only ones really calling it the “World Wide Web”). For us 20-somethings it has become normal to use the internet to make a large amount of our private lives public.  In doing so, I find I am constantly trying to find a balance between my online world and my real world.

How I’m Barely Surviving the Job Hunt

By Sarah Daniel

I graduated college 2 years ago thinking and feeling like I was on top of the world. They handed me a degree, and in the same fashion, I expected to be handed a job.  This mindset and poor preparation for life in the real world have lead me along one of the hardest journeys of my life thus far.

How to Stop Dreaming and Build Stuff (the How to 20something story)

by Jordan White

I have never been a doer, always a dreamer. 

In middle school I would jump around my room lip syncing to angsty alternative rock songs (Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Brand New, etc.) while pretending to play the guitar I begged my parents for. Sometimes I’d take pictures of myself jumping off the drum kit I didn’t play or come up with band names for music that didn’t exist. 

I had scribbled album covers, music videos ideas, commercial concepts, and theoretical shoe deals for my side gig as a professional basketball player, but I never actually created anything.