How to Learn a Language Through Immersion (aka, How to Learn Humility)

So I did something really brave this year (or dumb, depending on how you look at it): I moved to a foreign country, by myself, without knowing the language. 

While many of my friends were heading to graduate school, getting their first office jobs, planning their weddings, and announcing their pregnancies, I was graduated, single, and itching to get away from the American Dream.

made bed, clean apartment

Why I Make My Bed

I’m a super messy person. If you’ve ever seen my desk at work, the inside of my car, or–God forbid–my closet, you know that I speak the truth. My own clutter and chaos just don’t bother me. Any time I do actually clean up after myself, all the tidying I’ve done is usually undone within a week at best. Which is why it’s interesting that I’ve been making the bed almost every day for the past few months.

I should clarify that “making the bed” in my house is as simple as spreading the comforter into place and ensuring that both my and my husband’s pillows are in the right spots. No extra sheets are tucked in, no quilts are folded at the foot of the bed, and no throw pillows make their way into the equation. It’s just a simple rearrangement of some pillows and a blanket.


Microwave to Master Chef: How You Can Start Cooking After College

Cooking was always something that either I watched my mother and grandmother do, or something that miraculously happened in the microwave. Burning popcorn and melting Lean Cuisine packages were my specialty in high school. Come college, I ate whatever Ms. Edna and Ms. Louise, our sorority cooks, prepared... even the chicken fried steak, ughhhh. Post kitchen hour meals consisted of late night Ramen (hello, microwave friend) or possibly a pizza if someone’s parents put money in their account.

twenty something work out

How to Actually Start Working Out

By Jackie Vetrano

I think every twenty something, at least once, has made the resolution on the new year or somewhere in between, “I’m going to start going to the gym.” I’ve done it. Many times, in fact. And many times, I had failed.

Let me quickly back up and tell my story. A little over two years ago, I was 30 pounds heavier and self-conscious. I thought I what I ate was healthy but it wasn’t. I considered my bowling career to be an active lifestyle.

young adult grocery shopping

How to Thrive on a $25 Weekly Grocery Budget

One of the common struggles of being a twenty something and learning to navigate adulthood is learning how to (and in many cases, how not to) manage money. For myself, much of that “money management” has entailed learning how to best stretch what little money I have. I feel that this is a common dilemma among the twenty something demographic. Because let’s face it, whether you’re specifically gifted at managing your finances or you’re more like me and tend to become overly generous when you go out for a night on the town, most of us are just starting out.

How to Say Goodbye to Your First Car and Buy a Grown Up One

By Jordan P White

Her name was Jenny. She was a fire truck red, 1997 Jeep Cherokee complete with a powerful 4 liter engine, a tall boxy frame, multiple broken windows, a dented fender, a self destruct button (not a joke), and all the best memories of my childhood. She was the absolute best car I could have ever hoped for and last year I had to trade her in.

If you’re like me, your first car is a part of you. Like an over worn favorite shirt, people know you by it. I was the red Jeep guy.

How to Cook for Two

By Katie Redmond Buntin

When I was in college, I constantly struggled with figuring out how to buy and prepare groceries just for myself. At my parents’ house, there was always an abundance of food to choose from. So naturally, when I started grocery shopping for myself, I emulated what I knew: purchasing a wide variety of food at quantities that were probably better fit for a family of four than for a young woman of 19. I inevitably ended up throwing out heaps of moldy produce and expired pantry items every month

How to Start Doing Standup Comedy

By Devin White

Standing up is hard. It is no wonder that it is one of our first and most celebrated accomplishments as human beings.You are defying gravity literally every second you do it and daring the universe to challenge your authority.

So I find it understandable that this phrase is attached to one of the other most difficult things to do: make strangers laugh. Speaking in public is one of the most common phobias people have, and adding to that the expectation of being entertaining by yourself makes the experience all the more intimidating.

How to Become a Total Budgeting Nerd

by Jordan P White

Throughout the entirety of my upbringing I’ve looked at money and asked a very single, pointed question: how much is in my bank account right now? If I had enough to buy whatever thing I was looking at, then I bought it. If I didn't have enough–and most times I didn't–I didn’t buy it. 

In high school and college, I felt like the outsider for struggling with spending money and also with understanding how much of it I needed and how much of it I actually had. For a guy who’s been working since he was 12, I really had no concept of saving or any sort of financial planning.