How to Write (and give) a Meaningful Eulogy

There are already lots of posts on the internet about how to write a eulogy step-by-step. I know, because I read them all the night before my grandfather’s funeral. 

My grandfather, a WWII and Korean War veteran and an incredible man, passed away of stomach cancer at 89 years old on Father’s Day this year. In the months prior to his passing, I was able to travel to Rochester and live with him and care for him as his health declined. 

Learning to Deal with Adult Acne

Remember the days when each morning was just a new day for a new pimple? When the mirror greeted you with a pizza-faced, pimply visage? When the number of blemishes you had at one time was as numerous as the stars in the sky? I do too. For me, that day is today.

Though I recently turned 25–by all accounts, the true age at which time modern adulthood begins–I still have acne that is not unlike that of my 15-year old self. And it is so embarrassing.

5 Little Ways to Enjoy Your Desk Job

I’ve had two post-college jobs so far: one I didn’t love and one I do. The differences between these two jobs is striking. The culture and atmosphere at each job couldn’t be less alike. However, the one thing that did not change when I left my first job for my second is that I’m still sitting at a desk in front of a computer for 8+ hours a day.


The Truth About My (and Maybe Your) Quarter Life Crisis

I used to think that this whole “quarter-life crisis” phenomenon was a myth. In the least, I thought it was something for those twenty-somethings who didn’t have their lives together. It definitely wasn’t something I thought would hit me, the person who continually made jokes about how, as a 24 year old who already has tattoos, a nose ring, and a flair for being the black sheep, I didn’t have any crises left to experience. I learned early on, though, that crisis reveals itself in unique ways to each person.

How I Learned to Swipe Left on Online Dating

I moved back to Nashville over four years ago and the vast majority of the time since, I have been single. The first couple of years I wholeheartedly embraced this. I had spent the bulk of my college years in a long term relationship and to be honest, I wanted to embrace my singledom.

And I did. I took the time to focus on myself and to strengthen the bonds with my family and my childhood friends.

An Unexpected Career: What I Learned from Jail

After working at the call center for about six months, I knew that I needed to make a change. Around this time, a friend informed me that a local law enforcement agency was hiring individuals to serve as School Resource Officers. Now, the chain of events that led to these positions being created isn’t a good one, this was 2013 after all (see: Sandyhook), but I had found something that I could be passionate about. I began the interview process only to be told that I wasn’t interviewing for these positions, but for a job in the jail. I was also informed, however, that everyone started there and eventually moved on after a period of time once they had experience. Despite this setback, the prospect of a job with plentiful opportunity for advancement was too enticing to pass up and I pressed on. 

veggies and diet coke

Why I’ve Embraced the Vegetarian Life

Growing up means really starting to live a life more true to yourself. Over the past 6 months I have changed one area of my life that I think is really representative of this definition of growing up. And it has to do with food.

We’ve all heard the phrase “you are what you eat,” and recently I actually started to understand what that could mean for myself. What we eat expresses who we are just as much as what we choose to wear, or the things we do in our free time.

How I Stopped Caring What Everyone Thinks Of Me

I worked very hard for the majority of my life to make sure that in all cases and at all times, I remained extremely likable. 

When I was a kid we moved around a lot. This meant that there was always a new school or a new neighborhood to settle into.  I was prone to extreme shyness, but elementary school taught me that If I could walk into a room and make people laugh, they would automatically like me. Wala! It was magic!

20 Something inspiration

How to Start a Side Hustle in Your Twenties

If you don’t frequent the sort of blogs I do, you may not have heard of this new trend sweeping the nation called, “the side hustle.” If you didn’t already know, a side hustle is a sort of business pursuit that you do on the side of your normal job. It’s a way to earn extra cash or pursue a passion that your normal job may not allow you to. Best case scenario is you do both these things. 

Why You Should Prioritize Your Grandparents in your Twenties

“When I was your age, my grandfather was in the hospital and my grandmother called me. She said he wanted to see me. But I was young and selfish and stubborn, and I only went a couple of times. I could’ve gone every weekend.” My boss paused and took a breath. It was the last week of February, and I was sitting in his office, torn between staying and resigning. “I barely got to say goodbye to him before he died.”