What I’ve Learned About Real Adult Relationships

For the past 5 years or so, I’ve been in and out of relationships. Most of them have started with magical stories and ended in drama, tears, and excruciating heartbreak that I mitigated by finding someone else to take their place. This pattern has left me confused, dependent, and skittish. Now, after actually committing to take some “alone time” as an adult, I’ve been able to process them and move on. 

How to Move to a New City in Your Twenties

My favorite thing about driving home to Franklin, TN is seeing the Nashville skyline as soon as you merge onto 65S/40W. You know the one. It’s big, and beautiful, and serene, and just home. I never really intended to move away from home. I figured I would go away for college and then continue my career elsewhere for a couple of years – at most. 

How to Learn a Language Through Immersion (aka, How to Learn Humility)

So I did something really brave this year (or dumb, depending on how you look at it): I moved to a foreign country, by myself, without knowing the language. 

While many of my friends were heading to graduate school, getting their first office jobs, planning their weddings, and announcing their pregnancies, I was graduated, single, and itching to get away from the American Dream.

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How to Become a Morning Person

One of my favorite phrases to hear is, “I would love to get up early but I’m just such a night owl I don’t think I could do it,” because it implies that getting up early is some sort of genetic predisposition and those people enjoy staggering through their apartment fumbling for coffee and a granola bar at 5:30 AM. When, in my reality, staying up late is a very fun, very appealing way to spend nights and getting up early is a very real sacrifice made to accomplish goals or better myself.

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Saying Goodbye to College and Party Girl

 don’t know about you, but letting go of college was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Leaving college meant leaving the place that held everything for me: my friends, my job, and the freedom to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.

After graduation I moved back home with my parents and began looking for jobs. Life was less than glorious and pretty boring. While looking for jobs was hard, it was even harder watching my social media feeds blow up with my friends who were still in school, living up the nights we used to live together.

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How to Relax: 4 Ways to Relieve Stress

I learned early on to accept stress as a part of life. Whether I was in high school, studying for the ACT, in college, trying to balance my newfound, independent social life with actually earning my degree, or now in post-grad life, struggling with adjusting to adulthood, stress never goes away. It ebbs and flows in different forms. But what I’ve found is that no matter how much stress I’m dealing with, the real question is how do I handle it?

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The Art of Being the Third Wheel (in the South)

There are many cultural characteristics that separate The South from the rest of the United States. Some are of a more generic variety and seem to be almost innate. For instance y’all is part of the regular vernacular, we deep fry more than we should, churches take the place of Walgreens on every street corner and saying, "yes Mam" or "yes Sir” is one of the first lessons learned. There is one aspect of southern culture that I was not so privy to until I began stumbling through my twenties, and that is everyone gets married. And they get married young.

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Why I Make My Bed

I’m a super messy person. If you’ve ever seen my desk at work, the inside of my car, or–God forbid–my closet, you know that I speak the truth. My own clutter and chaos just don’t bother me. Any time I do actually clean up after myself, all the tidying I’ve done is usually undone within a week at best. Which is why it’s interesting that I’ve been making the bed almost every day for the past few months.

I should clarify that “making the bed” in my house is as simple as spreading the comforter into place and ensuring that both my and my husband’s pillows are in the right spots. No extra sheets are tucked in, no quilts are folded at the foot of the bed, and no throw pillows make their way into the equation. It’s just a simple rearrangement of some pillows and a blanket.

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How to Experience Life on Your Own

Social lives are, in general, difficult. I found that, after college, social lives turn on hard mode. For all of my life, until this point, I had had people around who I liked to be around with and did not have to stick around people I did not like. It was a glorious time when friendships practically fell into my lap. You had to work to be a loner in school.

After college, not so much. You no longer have those assumed connections, and at work, the social dynamics are different.