How I Booked A Whole Trip From My iPhone

By Sarah Daniel

I just booked a 2 night trip to New York in under 10 minutes, and that’s kind of incredible when you think about it. My plane ticket, hotel, and car rental were all secured through a 5” x 3” box in my hand. Welcome to the future. 

When I was a kid, my mom made a full time salary as a travel agent doing that exact same thing. MIND BLOWN. Planning this trip made me realize that my smart phone can actually run my entire life and I’m not fighting it at all.  

going bald in early twenties

How to be Sort of OK with Going Bald in your Early 20s

by Jordan P White

When I was in seventh grade I made a bet. My friend Konrad insisted that his hairline would outlast mine and I insisted otherwise. His dad was bald, my dad had a full head of hair. It seemed like easy money. The bet amount was $20 (I talked him down from $100 because that seemed like an insurmountable amount at the time) and the age of determination was 30. I am not yet 30 so I have not yet paid Konrad a dime. I’m still holding out that he may lose his thick mane because well, mine is already toast.

How I Stopped Going Out on Thirsty Thursday

By Allie Stoehr

2:46 am. I lay my head down next to a half-empty glass of water I told myself to chug before falling asleep. The room is spinning, but I’m home. I made it. I have to be up in… the math is too much. I close my eyes, and hope to God that I remembered to set my alarm.

7:35 am. “American Woman” by Lenny Kravitz blasts me out of my dreams and into reality. The snooze button is both my best friend and worst enemy as I am forced to leap out of a half-conscious fog and head into Friday’s workday. I live about ten minutes from work and  start at 8 am, which means I’m already late (unless I decide not to wear clothes or makeup today.)

Death by Dryer: How I learned to Ask my Parents for Help

by Devin White

There are few simple household appliances as terrifying as a dryer. If you plug in a toaster wrong or set your refrigerator on the wrong setting, it does not work properly. If you screw up a dryer, you could literally set your house on fire.

Which is why I was so nervous the first time I set up a dryer. I was never invited to the setting up of dryers before. Doing so was not as simple as plugging in the red cord into the red slot, as I had done hundreds of times before with different electronics.

27, Single, and Totally OK With It: Accepting My Late 20’s Life

By Christian Lerchenfeld

By the time this article posts I will have had my 27th birthday, thus punching another notch in the belt that is my 20’s. I will have moved yet another inch forward in the decade of my life that is supposed to be one of the most pivotal. This is a thought that is somewhat daunting. I never experienced this “quarter life crisis” that I have heard many of my friends speak ofI mean they are just years, right? Perhaps it’s because that despite that my life over the first three quarters of my twenties has played out very differently than expected, I have always been very content. I love my life! However, I do think it is natural for one to use their date of birth as a natural benchmark.

How I Gave The Worst Rehearsal Dinner Speech

By Katie Redmond Buntin

I’m not a super eloquent conversationalist. I’m not good at asking questions, I second-guess what I’m saying, and I much prefer taking my time to sort out my thoughts on paper. I like to share what I think via written word.

But I’m not shy either, so when I have the time to write down write my thoughts, I’m happy to share them with others in a presentation or speech. In school, I was never nervous before presentations. When given the option for a college class final to write a research paper or give a 30-minute presentation to the class, I chose the presentation even though it was the unpopular option by a long shot. I just don’t mind sharing, especially when it’s something I care about.

How to Plan Your Dream Road Trip in 6 Steps

By Jordan P White

Last winter my wife and I did the coolest, most random thing we’ve done as a couple yet when we took a road trip from Seattle, WA to San Francisco, CA over the course of 9 days. We ate amazing food, saw waterfalls, met overly friendly L.A. dudes, and enjoyed the kind of spontaneity that feels rare in my adulthood. 

Personally, I think road trips are the absolute best form of travel and there is no shortage of great place to see. I would make a trip every year if I could. 

Part of being a 20 something is finding ways to fit youthful spontaneity in our increasingly adult lives. Road trips do just that.

How to Not be an Open Macbook: Balancing My Digital Life

By Sarah Daniel

I find my 20-something experience is very different than the one my parents lived through. Although we are living in the same world, I often feel like older generations don’t really understand my world at all. ‘That world’ being the “World Wide Web” (it’s funny because those older generations are probably the only ones really calling it the “World Wide Web”). For us 20-somethings it has become normal to use the internet to make a large amount of our private lives public.  In doing so, I find I am constantly trying to find a balance between my online world and my real world.

How to Make Friends as an Adult

Though I was born just outside of Pittsburgh, I consider myself a Franklin native. My family moved to the city just south of Nashville when I was in third grade, and I vividly remember being introduced to two other recent transplants when I went to meet my teacher, Mrs. Williams. Quickly and easily, they became my first friends. 

It wasn’t until much later, after packing my bags and heading off to my first post-college adventure – a year in Birmingham – that I realized how much I wished life was as easy as third grade. 

How I Braved Through the Realty Trenches and Found a Place to Live: Part 1

By Devin White

There are a few challenges that are nearly universal in life. Often these challenges can be incredibly simple, like learning to ride a bike, or they can be incredibly complicated and disheartening, like beating the Water Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.*

When we overcome these challenges, it can often feel like we enter into a new level of life. When we find others who went through it, we treat each other like veterans from wars. “Brother, I understand your pain storming the beaches of all-nighters for that project you really should have started a good three weeks before. I went through the same troubles back during the year of ’07.”