How to Be a Controlling Boyfriend in 3 Easy Steps

One afternoon in college, a couple friends and I skipped out on our afternoon classes and took off to go rock climbing. Where we went to school in Chattanooga, this is a thing people do with relative frequency. It’s the coolest city ever—trust me on that one. 

While at the crag (climbing area), we stumbled across the all too frequent occurrence of a male climber failing to properly introduce his girlfriend (maybe wife) to the hobby. She was belaying him from the ground (holding one end of the rope so he didn’t die when he fell—which he did a lot) as he loudly stumbled through the route he was trying to finish. 

My friends and I watched in silent horror as he repeatedly snapped at his girlfriend for letting him take too big of falls or

How to Change Your Last Name Without Losing Your Identity

By Katie Redmond Buntin

I am your textbook feminist. Went to college, took a few women’s studies courses (I was a women’s studies minor, actually), and now can and will spend hours talking your ear off about why the Dadbod trend is movement is sexist or why you should not announce your baby’s gender until after your baby shower. Which is why, when my husband and I got engaged in 2013, I felt this immense weight laying on me when it came down to what would happen after our wedding: the name change.

How I’m Barely Surviving the Job Hunt

By Sarah Daniel

I graduated college 2 years ago thinking and feeling like I was on top of the world. They handed me a degree, and in the same fashion, I expected to be handed a job.  This mindset and poor preparation for life in the real world have lead me along one of the hardest journeys of my life thus far.

How Not To Handle a Severe Plumbing Issue

by Christian Lerchenfeld

A couple of years ago I shared a three-bedroom house in West Nashville with two close friends. It wasn’t a palace by any means, but it served as a very comfortable home for the two years that we resided there. One of the small negatives of this humble abode was that it had only one small bathroom. Seeing that my two roommates and I were all of the male gender and we all kept different schedules this small fact never posed much of an issue. That is until the week before our first Christmas in that house. 

How to Build Your Singleship

By Sarah Daniel

I am going to give you some of the best relationship advice you will ever receive.  There are thousands upon thousands of dating articles telling you how to find “the one” and fall in love with (insert desired gender preference here).  I am here to tell you to find “yourself” and fall in love with (insert your name here). 

I think being single in your 20s is something that is wildly under-appreciated.  It gives you the incredible opportunity to figure out who you are without compromising for someone else.  Take this time in your life to be free, have fun, make mistakes, and build your very own SINGLESHIP.

How to Move Back in With Your Parents

By Katie Redmond Buntin

I’ll be honest: moving back in with my parents after 4 years of living independently with no rules and with my friends was not my plan after college. My plan was to live the twenty-something dream - find a cute, little apartment (IKEA-furnished, obviously) in the trendy part of town, acquire a badass, grownup job at a nationally-renowned marketing agency (that would probably have an office dog), and own a wine rack that was constantly full (thanks to the money from my killer job).

How Devin Started Online Dating

By Devin White

I am sitting at a coffee shop in downtown Nashville. I have let this girl know that I am there and am looking out for her. The plan was to meet up, have some coffee, and then go to watch a movie. Nothing too fancy for a first date, but I also did not know her incredibly well and wanted to feel things out.

At this point I want to mention that What We Do in the Shadows is a hilarious mockumentary that goes places movies do not normally go while still being approachable. It is a great date movie, and I know this because my date did not even show up and I still had a good time.

How to Stop Dreaming and Build Stuff (the How to 20something story)

by Jordan White

I have never been a doer, always a dreamer. 

In middle school I would jump around my room lip syncing to angsty alternative rock songs (Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Brand New, etc.) while pretending to play the guitar I begged my parents for. Sometimes I’d take pictures of myself jumping off the drum kit I didn’t play or come up with band names for music that didn’t exist. 

I had scribbled album covers, music videos ideas, commercial concepts, and theoretical shoe deals for my side gig as a professional basketball player, but I never actually created anything.

How I Came to Realize the Benefit of Not Eating Like a Child… All the Time

By Christian Lerchenfeld

I don’t think that I am alone when I say that I treated my body like a garbage can while in my late teens and early twenties. In high school, thanks to my mother taking time out of her busy schedule to ensure her spawn was well nourished, I at least consumed a few well-balanced meals each week. But upon leaving home, bound for the land of higher education and fueled by the independence of making my own life choices, I of course did what most blossoming adults do and chose a lot of the fun ones. When applied to food, these choices didn’t always turn out to be the best, or the healthiest. I think it’s safe to say that my regular diet at this time in my life featured the words “drive-thru” and “fried,” far too consistently.